Your Journey Experience Begins Here – Ownership!

The JOIN Experience

We’re all on a Journey!

We are all  on a journey the question is are you taking the right steps on it and are you prepared for what’s ahead?

Welcome! We hope you sign up below for our Join The Journey Experience. This experience covers our beginning, our purpose, our beliefs and our vision for the future. We here at Hope Point Church are on a journey to become the 3; love God, love people and to serve. In this experience you will be given a backpack full of tools you will need to help you navigate your way up and over the mountains of life.  If you decide to join the journey with us you will become an Owner of this ministry.

What is Ownership?

Many organizations have membership and these members have rights, Owners have responsibilities and are part of an organism called the local church. We offer Ownership where you’ll join our journey in growing, knowing and going making God Obtainable By our 3 Core Values our church lives by called Be The 3. Being The 3; Love God. Love People. Serve.  We get to “Be The 3” when we understand these Five Core Purposes; Growing People Equip themselves for the Journey, Saved People Exalt God with their Lives, Knowing People Connect to a Group of People, Found People Expose People to God’s Love on the journey and Changed People Discover their gifts to use on the Journey.

Lunch Is On Us!

Lunch is included in the Join The Journey Experience. So please indicate your lunch preference when registering below.

This Class is designed for 6th grade (12 years-old) and up.

Sign up below and join the journey with us.


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/// The Journey Experience is for kids 12 yeas old and up.
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